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O Boogie Woogie é parte integrante da Janela Indiscreta e não pode ser vendido em separado
quinta-feira, janeiro 1
Andrew Wyeth

The Coot Hunter | 1941

Winter | 1946

Wind from the sea | 1947

Christina ‘s World | 1948

November First | 1950

The Blue Door | 1952

The Mill | 1959

Weatherside | 1965

Letting Her Hair Down | 1972

House on the Cove | 1979

Day Dream | 1980

Sun Shield | 1982

Autumn | 1984

Roof at Archie's | 1986

Alvaro and Christina | undated

domingo, dezembro 21

Folly Beach | 1929 | watercolor | 35.2 x 50.2 cm

House on Pamet River | 1934 | watercolor | 55.4 x 68.1 cm

Mouth of Pamet River—Full Tide | 1937 | watercolor | 50.8 x 71.8 cm

Cape Cod Morning | 1950 | oil | 86.7 x 102.3 cm

People in the Sun | 1960 | oil | 102.6 x 153.4 cm

quinta-feira, dezembro 11
Martin Parr Self-Portraits

sexta-feira, novembro 14

1. Não entrar na colecção do Soviet Group se o que procuramos é uma imagem dos Estados Unidos nos anos 60.

USSR. 1942. Leaving a son to the partisans. Leningrad. photo @ Mikhail TRAKHMAN
© Soviet Group

USSR. 1942. Street fighting in Leningrad. October. photo @ Yakov RYUMKIN.

2. Procurar na Bar Am Collection? Nem pensar.

A German soldier surrending to an American soldier during the Offensive of the Ardens in Belgium in the region of Bastogne. 23 dec 44
In June 1944 the Allied forces opened a second front in Normandy (after the one in North Africa and Italy) to liberate France. Between June and August they managed to liberate northern France.
© Robert Capa R

3. Não ir ao search ver que fotografia está em destaque. Provavelmente não será aquela que queríamos.

1986. Region of Marrakech. Entrance of mosque at Aït Abrahim.
© Harry Gruyaert

4. e 5. Não seguir o link para o portfolio de Harry Gruyaert se o que procuramos é de Elliott Erwitt. Não ver fotografias a cores se a que procuramos é a preto-e-branco.

Town of Chechaouen. 1987. Street life. Walls are often painted in blue and white.
© Harry Gruyaert

6. Regressar ao arquivo de Elliott Erwitt.

ICP 208. Madrid. November/December, 1936. Republican soldiers helping women do the laundry for the troops.
The Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, when part of the Spanish army rebelled against the Second Republic, a democratic government elected in 1931. It gained international dimensions when Fascist Germany and Italy began supporting the military uprising, led by General Franco, with weapons and soldiers. The USSR helped the Republic, and a significant contingent of volunteers joined the International Brigades and fought for the Republic. The conflict became the symbol of a larger conflict between Fascists and Communists. The war ended in 1939 with Franco's victory over the Republicans.
© Robert Capa R

7. Amanhã é outro dia.

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